Monday, January 31, 2011


Hey Chicas!

So I was wondering around Shoppers today....bad idea...but they always have some random things on sale that aren't in the flyer.  The thing I found today were the Annabelle Monoeyeshadows, I love them.  If you follow my tutorials you will know that I use them in almost every one..hehe.

They are of super great pigment, and they are the same size as the MAC single eyeshadows, so I keep them in a MAC palette. 

The are regularly around $5ish, but they are currently on sale for around $4ish, so it is just a dollar, but in the same sense it is a dollar off.

I picked up two more shades, and will test them out before I mention them on here, but I'm sure they will be great!

Just wanted to share it with you guys, if you are interested in them they are on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart till the end of the week.

Caitlin xoxo


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