Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to Fake a Wide Awake Look

Hey Chicas!

I apologize for the long absence on my blog.  The holidays have been crazy though, and I thought I would take a little break.  But I'm back now!

I'm sure that over the holiday season, we all had longer nights then we are used to.  I know that I did!  But, regardless of how late we were up the night before, we don't want any one to know about it.  That can get pretty hard with the lovely dark circles that take up residence under our eyes.
But I have found a wonderful little product that is fairly cheap and does work wonders! It's not a under eye concealer per say, but it does work like one, and because it isn't a concealer it doesn't go cakey and dry looking.  If you are looking for an under eye concealer, the best kind will be creamy, and have yellow and/or peach tone to it.  This is because those colors will help to cancel out the dark blue/purple circle.

The product is Garnier  Anit-Dark Circle Eye Roller, and I LOVE IT!!!

It does have a slight yellow/peach tone to it, but this is good for decreasing the darkness of the under eye area.  I wouldn't recommend that you apply it to a bare face, you do need to apply foundation over it to blend in the yellow tones to your natural skin tone.  It also have a cool metal roller ball, which helps to decrease any puffiness that you may have as an after affect on the night before!

I have taken some pictures of what the process looks like on my face, so you can see the difference and the effectiveness of it.

The eye to your left, has the product on it, and the eye on your right is going through the process of covering it up.  As you can see there is a visible difference to the dark circles and keep in mind that that is only one layer of the thin coverage.  And with the foundation over, it will be vertically non detectable. 

The final makeup look that this eye cover was a precursor to is:

As you can see, I have no noticeable under eye circles.  I highly recommend you purchasing the Garnier Anti- Dark Circle Eye Roller!

Caitlin xoxo


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