Thursday, January 27, 2011

Justin Bieber is the Sh!t

Hey Chicas!

So the plan was to create an interesting V-Day look for your nails.  I came across this awesome looking polish at Wal-Mart, called "Step to the beat of my Heart", ummm yup its Justin Biebers nail polish line.  Its Nicole by OPI, I had never tried Nicole, but I do love my OPI.  So I figure that for about $6, what the heck, give it a go.  I wanted to have hearts all over my nails, figured the sparkle like heart shapes would look really cute covering my nails.  So I did a pink base "I Think in Pink" by OPI, then applied the Bieber polish...

Well, where do I start?  First off, in the bottle it looks awesome, pinks, reds, and purple hearts in a light sparkle polish.  Who doesn't want that?  Well the brush sucks, it tends to pull the polish, so that you end up with ridges.  And as you can see the hearts are not quite as plentiful as I thought.  They were more like confetti type cut outs placed in a sparkle polish.  They wouldn't get on the brush, and then if they did they wouldn't come off.  If the hearts were on the craptastic brush and you applied the polish to your nails, the hearts would stay on the brush.  So what ended up happening was trying to scrap the hearts on to the neck of the bottle, pick it up by the tip of the brush, and applying it like a decal.  You're nails ended up goopey and uneven, and definitely not covered in hearts, as the polish bottle makes it seem.

So would I recommend this polish?  No not a chance!  I did buy another solid color, its on my nails right now, we'll see how the wear goes, as the application was rough too.  The brush is bad, and the actual polish is not smooth.

The whole part of the draw to the polish was the tell me why would you buy it if the hearts stayed in the bottle not on your nails?

Caitlin xoxo


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