Saturday, January 22, 2011

Foundation - Dream Smooth Mousse

Hey Chicas!!!

So I haven't done too many reviews, but I don't like to review anything without testing it fully.  I have owned it for 3 months or so, and have been able to test it for longevity, coverage, etc. It has been through different  weather, skin issues and the like.

So lets get down to it

  • good price/easily available
  • good coverage
  • buildable
  • super easy and fast to apply
  • blends like a dream!
  • I like the amount you get (some may find it small, but I don't)
  • great for travelling
  • self contained, with applicator
  • like sponge applicator
  • it could go either way - but it has a cooling affect on the skin, which I find reduces the redness
  • needs to be set with powder (i set all foundations with powder though)
  • not too much shade selection
  • seems to separate on the skin (regardless of skin type, easily fixed with buffing)

Yeah so as you can see, the foundation is not perfect, but there are way more pros then cons, and if I think of any more I shall add them.

I would totally repurchase, as I saw in the video below if you only have 3-5 mins to apply foundation this is the best stuff for you.  It works well on combination skin (mine), and dehydrated skin (my mommy) so unless you have very unruly oil issues you'll be fine.

Check out the video for more a detailed review, as I seem to be better when I just chat it out.

Caitlin xoxo


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