Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Fav Winter Facial Creams

Hey Chicas!

Crap, it has been freezing here, like -40 something with wind chill.  That has got to do some harm to the moisture level of your skin.  So that got me thinking about a previous conversation with my friends (Katelyn, Ashley and Tina) about skin care and more specifically cream.

Now there is a perception among people, that the best cream is the most expensive.  Now there is some truth that that statement, but not fully.  Expensive products do not ultimately mean better.  The price for a large part comes from the packaging, and the amount of adverting that the company does.  Granted there are some really good expensive products, but there are some really good non expensive ones too.

I am an esthetican by trade, I have tried many expensive products and many drugstore products.  What I use now are all drug store products.  I use them, for many reasons, they are reasonably priced (even the most expensive drug store ones are still pretty good), easily available, and they work just as well.

These are my favorite drugstore creams.

1. Impruv Cream - This was recommended to me by my doctor, was I was training and had numerous products being used, and my face just revolted!  It was horrible, they were sore and wouldn't go away.  This cream I used morning and night, and it helped to bring much needed moisture back into my skin, without breaking my skin out.  It is my go to cream, when my face revolts against me.  It is awesome!  I recommend it to everyone, especially for dry/dehydrated skin and mature skin.  Its wonderful for redness and it helps to keep the moisture level up where it needs to be.  And if you have dry skin type or mature it really helps to give you the dewy look to your face, which is key to good healthy looking skin.  I have used this cream for over 6 years, my mommy too!! :)

2. Clean and Clear Finishes Pore Perfecting Moisture - First off this has SPF of 15 which isn't wonderful but it has something which is good, the website states "softens the appearance of pores with light diffusing minerals to give you a beautiful, smooth finish".  It is great for dehydrated skin, that still has oil issues, it gives you the moisture you need without adding any excess oil.  I started to use it in July 2010, and haven't stopped yet!  I really love it, your face will feel smooth and moisturized, and almost silky like, but not oily.  It is works wonderfully in the winter as well, if your skin gets really dry, likely not enough for you, but it works for me.

3. Clean and Clear Soft Night Moisturizer - The website states that it "is a lightweight and oil-free moisturizer that has been specifically designed to clarify and infuse moisture into young skin without clogging pores. The unique formula features glycolic acid, natural fruit acids, a Specially Formulated Moisturizing Complex and an antioxidant, white tea, that work through the night to clarify and soften, promoting beautiful, healthy looking skin now and in the future."  It is a great cream, I like that it has a pump, I use about 2-3 depending on my skin.  I bought it in August and the same bottle is still going.  It really does make your skin soft, the product does what it says it does.  I have even used it as a day cream when my skin is super dehydrated, the makeup wears well, without going shiny.

So I have a video that you can watch if I'm too wordy on here....

All products can be found at a drugstore.  Impruv is found at Shoppers, Lawtons and Sobeys, the small bottle is about $15 and the larger one around $30ish, but lasts a long time.  The other two are fairly inexpensive at $10ish I would guess.

The one key item that I would mention, is to check the ingredient list!!  If the product is boasting a key ingredient that the products has to make....well something happen, check the list if its at the top then there is a larger quantity, if its near the bottom of the list the quantity is  smaller.  So if the ingredients work from largest quantity to smallest quantity.  So for example, the Clean and Clear Soft Night Moisturizer, they comment on fruit extracts and white tea, those are at the bottom of the list, now the product works well regardless, but always check that out, if that ingredient is the reason for you buying it.

These are my own opinions and experiences, and hope they help you fix any problem issues you are having.

Caitlin xoxo


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