Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A quick pick me up?

Hey Chicas!

So yeah this post is likely not what you are expecting it to be about.  I'm all about trying to cut down the amount of time it takes in the morning to get ready for the day.  So the most time consuming task for me in the mornings hair.  Washing, drying, and styling, primping, curling, straightening....the list could honestly go on forever.  So yeah I've been known to skip a day (or two maybe three) between washes, because really my hair doesn't get that oily or dirty in one day.  But that all depends on your hair type and scalp conditions, so if you can't you can't, but have you really tried to go more than one day.  I know I've discussed it with my other friends, the none blog ones, and well you have to give it a good go.  For more tips and tricks click this, or click this to see my first blog post and video on the subject, and if you want a more updated one with my still running all time favorite click THIS!

So I picked up the John Frieda Luxurious Volume.  It's made to give your hair a refresher during the day if you have fine or limp hair that gets oily throughout the day.  The product says this about it "The perfect pick-me-up styler: refresh your volume, anytime, anywhere. Use this dry spray-shampoo to renew volume as fine hair starts to drop during the day. Recreates volume at the roots while refreshing style by absorbing oils for a fresh, full look. Can be used anytime, anywhere."

So I guess they are suggesting that you carry around in your purse if you want a little more lift to your hair.  Well its defiantly small enough to go in your purse, but the price tag was not.  I paid about $12 for it but its only 100 g size small..small.  Over priced, yeah I think so, but the real question is does it work?

Are you going to go from flat to your head to this hair, like their ad states?

No freakin' way people.  The only real volume that it gives is when it removes the oil, that in itself will give your hair more body.  It will not give you the above style....ever!  (I knew that the product would not give me the pic's hair, I'm really not that dense, but some remote likeness would should be expected) It is good in that there is no residue, no white spots, the well the size, because it does matter.  ;-)  Also the bad side is that it's not the greatest and refreshing your hair, meaning it does an OK job at removing the excess oil, but I've had better (I'm on a roll tonight).  It does smell OK, doesn't leave you feeling that you put stuff in your hair, but the size and the lack of volume (like non-existent), and oil absorbing leaves me wanting more....

So it's OK, if you want a small bottle to travel with and are willing to by double then what my fav is, go for it, other wise leave it on the shelf.  You can do better.

And maybe you should pickup my suggestion of a holy grail dry shampoo , before the holiday party season, you never know when that extra 30-40 minutes of sleep will be needed! :-)

Caitlin xoxo


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