Thursday, August 11, 2011

What do you have on your desk at work?

Hey Chicas!!

So, I have a really really good excuse that involves a lot of emotional roller coaster ride and a happy happy ending for all involved (for those who matter, anyway :-))

I have it all planned out on how to tell you guys, but I just need time for it to sink in for me.  And if you guys are at all interested in this news.  Did I leave you hanging and wanting more!?... hehe hopefully...

So I was eating my lunch at my desk.......yes I know its totally exciting lifestyle I live at work.  But it got me thinking as to what do you have on your desk in the line of beauty products?

I snapped some pictures of mine....

Oh, can you hold your excitement in!?   If you did wait for it.......there is moorrreee!

There, that's them, in their natural habitat....

And let me tell you that this random collection of whatever with pens and highlighters are just not doing it for me.  I need to invest in some sort of cute bowl, or pencil dish......or something!  They roll around and get lost and being slightly Type A...just slightly....I can't deal with it much longer.

But in case you are wondering what I have I'll give you the run down as to not keep you waiting...hehe

Top - Nivea PearlyShine
Lip Smacker - Kool-Aid Slammin' Strawberry Kiwi
Lip Smacker - Bubble Gum (the one with the lack of labeling)
Bottom - Sally Hansen Miracle Care Lipsaver- Serenity
Right Top - GenTeal Artificial Tears (Contacts + Computer Screens = dry dry itchy eyes)

I like them all except for the Nivea Pearly Shine - it does have a nice shimmer pale pink tone, but it's soo drying, it's not moist in the tube and it takes it all from my lips, and it's not good.  Why is it still on my desk, because, just in case I need it.  Which I won't but you know, just in case.

The Kool-Aid Slammin' Strawberry Kiwi gives a surprisingly nice natural deep pink color, and its moist!  Which is really what you want at work so that your lips have color, and aren't dried out from the central air.

Sadly the Bubble Gum, has now met is maker, yup, I just had to include it as I've had for the longest time it was  a little waxy but it totally sealed in all the moisture on my lips and left a nice sheen on them too! 

Sally Hansen, it the most lipstick like product with it's high impact gloss, and the middle when you squeeze it you get the darker berry tone which is an awesome two in one product!!

The hand cream, is Beautifully Delicious Handlicious Honey & Almond, my feeling s are ugh, whateva... it's not great, isn't not crap, and it smells nice...which is nice to have in the work place with all the other "smells" that are around the office.

So all that being said, have you forgot about my happy ending news, that I'm letting sink in?  No? Well good thing that I reminded you then :)

What's on your desk at work, and what do you keep it in?

Caitlin xoxo


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