Monday, August 22, 2011

Should Eye Makeup Remover burn?......

Hey Chicas!

So I have been on a eye makeup remover hunt for a while now.   I'm not sold on the whole idea, a lot of people think that they need an eye remover, alot of my makeup....well most of my makeup actually, don't require remover, warm water will do it along with my facial cleanser, so really?  Why pay for an extra product that you don't need?

I bought the Olay Regenerist Eye Make-Up Remover plus anti-wrinke treatment,  which states it "is a rich, creamy formula to moisturize the delicate skin around the eye area while it removes make-up."
Well this one got me due to the fact of the anti aging properties to it, and it was on SALE!  You can't blame me for trying.

And try I did, for over 6 months!  I just couldn't deal with the stinging in my eyes.  I just don't think that an eye makeup remover that is designed for your eyes should sting your eyes when you use it.  You get me?  

Plus the fact that it really only smudged the crap around on my face and didn't actually get it off.  The burning sensitization when I opened my eyes with stuff on is a bummer, and to see that my mascara is still there!? Like come on.......please the hype around it was huge, and the payoff was crap.  I didn't notice any reduction of my fine line and wrinkles, not that I have an issue but its rich formula was suppose to hydrate the area, and I really found it to be more drying.  The formula was a nice consistency but it didn't work, and the sting, I'd rather stick with my warm water and facial cleanser.

So this is just my opinion on the issue, avoid it, no matter how on sale it is.

Caitlin xoxo


Anonymous said...

Clinique makes a great eye makeup remover. I've used the same purple bottle for years now. It's a little more expensive - but one bottles lasts forever!

Caitlin said...

Hhmmmm....that's true their bottles are huge! Thanks for the tip :)

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