Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A little lamp DIY!

Hey Chicas!!

I have totally been into DIY lately, especially for the home.  You know curtains, lampshades (I'm getting there, dets below), shades, blankets, etc.  Anything that is basically an accessory to your house.  I have one that I wanted to share with you as it took only 30 minutes, and I had everything I need already at home!

This is one that I had actually done a few months back, and was in my makeup area.

Now for the details, and some confessions...I love The Habitat ReStore, I know that a lot of bloggers (especially house DIY) talk about donating their unused/unwanted items to habitat, but I actually love to go and buy your unwanted items.  But here on PEI I actually don't know of too many DIYers to that extent.  A lot of people just don't see beyond the color, or shape of the lamps, and can't see beyond what they have always seen it as, and can't reinvent it in their own home.

I picked up a white ceramic lamp for $8 at the ReStore.

But not being in the whole "document the whole process so that you can share it on your blog" phase, I sadly didn't take wonderful pics of the process.  So here is my cropped picture of the lamp base.  Its just white and boring.

Next I bought a lampshade at Wal-Mart for like $9, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted.....Its a natural fiber small lampshade, but don't you worry I've fancied it up. :-)

Do you notice the white fluffy under the shade?  Yeah that's one of the fancy elements....white marabou fur!  Now don't freak out, I've, no my Mom has had this stuff since I was 7 years old, it was on one of my pink skating outfits.  I was rockin' it back then. (Besides, I don't even know if its real!)

Because the shade had a natural weave to it, so (gosh, I wish that I had shown you guys better) I took invisible thread and needle and gently weaved it on to the base of the shade.  But the top was missing something.....

So who doesn't love the fur right?  But, I wasn't done yet.  I had gotten silver mardi gras beads from an event that I had attended.  The issue with that is what do you do with them after?  You are obviously not going to wear them to work, but you don't necessarily want to get rid of them. 

I simply measured them out, and placed them on top of the fur, so that you would get a sliver of sparkle showing through the edges of the fur.  And then decided since I had enough to put it around the tip of the shade, and down the back on the seam.  I think that they look like buttons, and I love it.

It's fun, feminine, with a little whimsy.  My advice, just take a look at things that you have around that house, and see what you love and how you can reinvent it make a change.

Caitlin xoxo


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