Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eye Makeup Remove Q-Tips

Hey Chicas!

So I was checking out the Dollarama the other day, and I'm sorry but the makeup section always gets me.  Every freakin' time!   It's like its calling to me, "look I'm only $2 please bring me home, Please!", and of course the last please is in a whiny child voice.  And who reallllyyy can say no to that.  TMI, sorry but you must understand the pull that the aisle has on me.

So I managed to get out there only spending a small fortune.  The first item that I want to bring to you guys is the Eye makeup remover swabs....

As you can see the picture on the box is pretty self explanatory.  And for only $2 if it doesn't work, than who cares.

The swabs come in individual wrapped packages....

The individual wrapped is a little annoying, as they are tough to pop out of the plastic, and its a lot of waste of plastic.  Regardless....

So you pop the cotton swab out of the plastic (after some difficulties) and you have what looks like a normal swab.  Expect its not at all. hehe..  The center between the cotton is a hollow plastic tube, this is where the products travels down.

The end that has the blue strip on it, be careful with that one until you're ready!

The basic idea is that end that has the blue strip on it you snap it, or bend it over and it releases the makeup remover to the other end of the swab.  It requires a little more effort than one would think for a q-tip but bend it like Beckham...or, actually just until it snaps.
 Once it snaps that releases the makeup remover product.  It flows down to the other white q-tip end.   With this end you can remove your eye makeup.  But Wait!! do you think you can?????

According to the box.....
For those of you who don't want to squint the words out it states. 
"Keep out of eyes."

So yeah, I'm assuming that it means not IN your eye, and hopefully AROUND your eye is ok.  Since you know its for eye makeup removing :-)

You do get a good amount of product in the Q-Tip, it is pretty easy to use.  My only issue is that the cotton swab end, isn't very cottony, meaning that it can't absorb the makeup that it takes off very well.  It cuts through the makeup really well, but to get that black residue off you need another cotton pad or facecloth to finish the job.

Overall, if you're in a pinch and travelling and don't want to take a whole bunch of crap with you, spending two bucks on some cotton swab makeup remover all in one, will not only save you space, but cash as well.

Caitlin xoxo


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